FE9180-H دوربین تحت شبکه

Equipped with a fisheye lens for 180° panoramic view (wall mount) or 360° surround view without blind spots (ceiling mount), the sleek and discreet FE9180-H is able to provide full video coverage for sensitive areas like retail, hotels, banking, and education

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۵MP, H.265, WDR Pro, Compact Size

VIVOTEK’s updated FE9180-H is a low profile fisheye network camera, featuring a detailed 5-Megapixel resolution sensor with superb image quality. At only 94 mm wide, the FE9180-H is truly an all-in-one surveillance solution that meets a wide variety of needs for indoor surveillance. Now equipped with WDR Pro, the FE9180-H is able to provide consistent crystal clear video quality even in high contrast lighting environments. Also with the addition of a built-in microphone, the FE9180-H is more versatile than ever

The FE9180-H offers various display layouts, including original surround view, panoramic view, and regional view. Additionally, in both the panoramic and regional viewing modes users can utilize the ultra-smooth ePTZ function to effortlessly zoom in and focus on a region of interest (ROI

۱۵ fps @ 1920×1920
۱٫۱۶ mm Fisheye Lens for 180° Panoramic View and 360° Surround View
WDR Pro for Unparalleled Visibility in High Contrast Environments
Smart Stream III to Optimize Bandwidth Efficiency
Built-in Microphone
Built-in 802.3af Compliant PoE
Built-in MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot for On-board Storage
ePTZ for Data Efficiency
Compact Design
VIVOCloud App & Portal for 24/7 Surveillance (manually upload VIVOCloud VADP package)

محصولFE9180-Hجهت کسب اطلاعات بیشتر در مورد نحوه فروش و مشاوره و نصب محصولات VIVOTEK با ما تماس بگیرید و همچنین با استفاده از لینک مقالات سایت می توانید اطلاعات بیشتری را در مورد آموزش محصولاتی مانندFE9180-Hکسب نمایید. نمایش محصولات VIVOTEK

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